A First Look

We get our first look at the car.

Posted by Matt on May 2, 2015

Today we got our very first look at the car in question, the gorgeous 1984 Mazda RX-7 GSL, probably one of the best looking classic cars out there. With my limited knowledge of classic cars, I think that in its category it is only rivaled by the Porsche 911.

Anyways, this was one of the most anticipated parts of the entire build for me. It allowed my vision of the completed car to take shape a little bit further. For this visit we just did some rudimentary work on the car (checking the oil, tire pressure, etc.) to get it ready for driving it home on a following weekend.

Front of the car and the licence plate

The car is fondly named “Raenier”, in honor of my Aunt’s dachshund.

The car had been stored outside in a storage lot for about 2 years since last being driven, so going into it I wasn't expecting too much. But I was pleasantly surprised. The car was in excellent condition, mostly just a little dirty from sitting out in the elements so long (lots and lots of pine needles). Luckily nothing on the body of the car appeared to be rusted out (other than the windshield wipers which will be an easy fix).

A small ding on the front bumper

The only bit of the car that might need some body work. It appears as though someone may have bumped it in the storage complex.

The tires were flat and the paint looked like it had seen better days but all of the issues were minor and it looks like it will run just fine. Of course it won't be running in the traditional sense very long (goodbye, gasoline!). We just need the car to drive from the storage lot to our house where we will be working on it. Avoiding highways that will be about an hour and half drive, so we'll see how that goes coming up in the next couple weekends.

Under the hood

The engine of the car is still in good condition, (hopefully) meaning an easy trip when we bring it home. And there are the aforementioned pine needles.

Overall, there were really only minor little issues that will be easy to fix later on down the road as we work through the process of converting it. After seeing the car and experiencing the first part of the project come to fruition, I was really excited.

Regardless of how it runs I think it is going to be quite the adventure... I am so excited to be able to give this car new life, its going to be a beautiful thing when it is finished!

Thanks for reading! Many more posts on the way.